VirtuoShow – the boredom curer that proved the tonic for grim times

There’s no getting around the fact that 2020 was crap. What started with Australia on fire (remember that?), culminated in an unprecedented situation that has shaken up everyone’s daily lives.


Pre-Covid, I was looking forward to helping out backstage for my friend’s latest show. We had even started rehearsing – and then everything changed. Along with everything else in the world, theatres have suspended all activity and shut up shop.


Drowning our sorrows virtually, an idea emerged. Was it the ciders or actually worth doing? This is how VirtuoShow was born.


Why accept the situation? We can still put on shows. We can still entertain an audience. Selfishly, we can still have fun putting a show together. The only differences: no theatre, no stage and no other actors in the room. We decided to move productions completely online.


We’ve had to learn a lot as we’ve progressed through production – especially our overworked tech guy – but we’ve overcome each obstacle. Our first show shaped up to be awesome. An original musical chronicling many different lockdown stories with a triumphant, defiant message – Covid won’t beat us.

We can’t wait for you to see it.

We've done plenty more since that first show! You can watch all of our shows right here on our site!




19 DEC 2021